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Glob Botanical Paint Powders - 4 Color Packets with Brush

Glob Botanical Paint Powders - 4 Color Packets with Brush
Brand: Glob
Glob paints are made in California from fruits, vegetables, and herbs with natural ingredients and organic extracts. Enjoy fruity aromas while you paint with nature's palette! More details...
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Product Details
This set includes a bamboo brush and 4 color packets in the following colors: Lemon Verbena, Berry, Pomegranate, Basil. The packets contain dry powder pigments. Each packet makes between 1-2 oz of paint when mixed with water.
What's in Glob?
Glob paints contain gum arabic (a natural watercolor binder), with all-natural botanical food colors that have been used in arts & crafts since historic times. Glob color pigments come from beets, purple carrots, turmeric, and red cabbage, as well as beta-carotene from either oranges, tomatoes, carrots, or marigolds. Another orange source is the annatto seed, a natural herb that has been used for centuries by indigenous tribes and can be traced as far back as the ancient Mayans. Annatto's deep orange color is used today in cosmetics and to color cheddar cheese! Other color sources include the sticky orange pulp of the gardenia fruit, and chlorophyll, which is extracted from alfalfa to make a grassy green. Glob paints are gluten-free and vegan.
Glob's all-natural paints are manufactured in California in a facility certified by the Natural Products Association, Organic Certifiers and American Association for Quality.
How to Use:
  • Glob water-soluble pigments become paint just by adding water. Similar to watercolors, GLOB paints can also be used for a variety of arts and crafts (e.g. to make play-dough, color Easter eggs etc.)
  • Glob paints are best if used fresh. We recommend that you use only as much pigment powders as needed for one painting session. However, the paint should be able to keep for weeks or even months in covered jars, but the color will become less vibrant over time
  • To thicken Glob paint, add a little starch (corn, arrowroot powder) or a non-gluten flour. Or you can just add less water to the pigments
  • Not recommended for use as face paint. Glob paints are similar to watercolors, and do not cover the skin like a face paint. The colors, such as beets, will slightly stain the skin
  • Glob paints are made from fruits and veggies, so you might expect the same type of subtle stain from spilled juice. We always recommend wearing painting clothes, so you can glob it on worry-free
  • Glob products are sustainable and biodegradable, making them safe to wash down the sink and into our water supply
4 years and up
packet - 5 g (0.2 oz)

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