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Selecta Piratino Pacifier Chain

Selecta Piratino Pacifier Chain
SKU: SE1381
Brand: Selecta
Is your baby a budding rebel or rogue? Well, let him show his true colors with this cool black and red pirate pacifier chain. More details...
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Product Details
Selecta Piratino Pacifier Chain is made of black and red wooden beads. Its unconventional colors and design will surely attract comment. Look closely and you'll see that the Jolly Roger does not feature a skull and crossbones. The flag instead features a dog (with eyepatch) and crossbones.
Piratino is short, so the safety click mechanism found on other Selecta chains is not present or necessary. The colors of this wooden comforter chain are safe and waterbased. There is an additional smooth finish of beeswax. Pacifier is not included. Piratino is made in Germany.
Newborns + 
21 cm (8.25 in.)

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