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Wooden Figures

Holztiger figures are characterized by fine Old World craftsmanship and classic designs that highlight the natural beauty of wood. Please note that due to size variations, we recommend you check the dimensions of each figure.

Check out our large selection of Holztiger wooden animal toys!
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Holztiger Wild Boar

Holztiger Wild Boar

Price $12.50 CAD (~$9.75 USD)

Holztiger Willow Tree

new Holztiger Willow Tree

Price $21.00 CAD (~$16.38 USD)

Holztiger Wooden Dollhouse / Stable  (Natural)

Holztiger Wooden Dollhouse / Stable (Natural)

Price $165.50 CAD (~$129.09 USD)

Holztiger Wooden Knight`s Castle

new Holztiger Wooden Knight`s Castle

Price $327.00 CAD (~$255.06 USD)

Holztiger Woodpecker

new Holztiger Woodpecker

Price $10.00 CAD (~$7.80 USD)

Holztiger Young Black Cat

new Holztiger Young Black Cat

Price $8.00 CAD (~$6.24 USD)

Holztiger Zebra

Holztiger Zebra

Price $19.50 CAD (~$15.21 USD)

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