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Our line of 100% organic cotton clothing is embroidered using stylish and modern designs. Our current collection is inspired by Asian and Natural motifs. The colors of each embroidery design (including those of our 'organic cotton' leaves logo) have been tailored to match each background color. Our attention to detail extends to the designs themselves. Each of our elephants in our 'Elephant Walk' design is unique, as are the leaves and ants in our 'Leafcutter Ants' design and so on.

We're not just pretty, however. Our clothes have substance behind their good looks. They do not contain the harsh chemicals used in the production of conventional cotton apparel. Our garments are certified by SKAL International, a Dutch certification body that is recognized internationally. Our clothing is certified from the growth of the cotton to the final product. The fertilizers, pesticides, dyes, finishing treatments and so on used in creating a traditional cotton item are not only likely to give rise to skin and other allergic reactions, they can do long-term damage to your child's health. By buying a Baby Naturopathics item, you can dress your baby in a soft, stylish outfit that will not impact his/her health in a negative way.

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HABA (Habermaass)

This world famous German toy company was founded in 1938. They make a wide range of products, but their main focus is wooden toys. These wooden toys are made from hardwoods such as beech or maple from European forests. Because they are made of hardwood, these toys are very sturdy and will provide many years of play.

Habermaass uses environmental friendly processes and materials in the production of their toys. HABA is the first toy producer to have passed the "audit for ecological friendliness". Toys by HABA are not only durable, they are safe for your babies to gum or chew on. That's because they are dyed with non-toxic paints that are water based.

Click here to see our range of HABA toys.

Kathe Kruse (Kaethe Kruse)

This 100 year-old German toy company is well-known for their quality toys and children's furnishings. They are perhaps most famous for their beautiful Waldorf dolls.

Natural materials like quartz sand, cotton, wood and wool are used whenever possible. A Kathe Kruse toy will likely become a treasured heirloom due to its beauty and the fine craftsmanship involved in its creation. Each Kathe Kruse toy is made by hand.

Click here to see toys by Kathe Kruse.

Neal's Yard Remedies

Founded in Covent Garden, London, in 1981, Neal's Yard Remedies makes personal care products as well as as homeopathic remedies and herbal supplements. They make their products by hand using ingredients that are natural, biodegradable and healthful. Therefore, they do not use genetically modified ingredients or synthetic preservatives in their formulations. Also, they use organic ingredients as much as possible. Since 1993, they have been growing a number of their own organic ingredients with the remainder coming from organically certified suppliers.

Most of their toiletry products are bottled in recyclable cobalt blue glass. This protects the contents from UV rays. Neal's Yard Remedies' products are suitable for vegetarians and vegans. Neal's Yard Remedies does not perform any animal testing. They've been awarded "Best Cruelty-Free Skin Care" by Peta (UK division).

Click here to see personal care products by Neal's Yard Remedies.

Selecta Spielzeug

Founded in Germany in 1968, Selecta is known for their brillantly colored wooden toys. These colors are non-toxic and will stay vibrant for years to come. The colors won't fade because Selecta uses a special heat transfer printing process. This process also results in wooden toys that are washable and considerably scratch and saliva resistant!

In addition to brilliant colors, Selecta's baby and toddler toys are further coated with beeswax to give them a soft, velvety finish and a pleasant natural aroma. Hardwoods such as maple are used in Selecta toys. The woods come from European forests. Selecta Spielzeug practices sustainable forest management.

Click here to view wooden toys by Selecta Spielzeug.

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