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Plan Toys PlanWood Dancing Alligator

Plan Toys PlanWood Dancing Alligator
SKU: PTX5609
Plan Toys have always used sustainable materials to craft their toys, but they are constantly striving to become even more eco-friendly. More details...
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Product Details
When pulled along, the alligator moves its head and tail up and down while making gentle click and clack sounds.

Dancing Alligator is made of PlanWood. PlanWood is a safe and sustainable material created from the sawdust that is a by-product of toy production. Sawdust, organic color pigments, and formaldehyde-free glue is packed into high pressure molders. After a couple hundred tons of pressure is applied, a high density fiber is produced. This material is water-resistant, durable, non-toxic (no VOCs) and earth-friendly. PlanWood is made of 99% wood and 1% color pigments and glue. Unlike other wooden toys, toys made from PlanWood are easily washable. Plan Toys Dancing Alligator is made in Thailand. 
Awards (for previous version of Dancing Alligator):
Deutscher Designpreis Holzspielzeug (Germany)
Good Toy Awards in Association with Kids Out (UK)
Oppenheimer Toy Portfolio (USA)
12 months and up
9.5 x 22.5 x 9.5 cm (3.7 x 8.9 x 3.7 in.)

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