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Alkena Beeswax Modelling Clay

Alkena Beeswax Modelling Clay
SKU: AL35230002
Brand: Alkena
This natural modeling clay is made in Switzerland. More details...
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Product Details
Alkena Beeswax Modeling Clay is made of beeswax, natural fillers and earth. Because of the beeswax, this block of clay is not only fragrant, it also never feels cold to the touch. Made in Switzerland. Note: the color differs from photo. The clay is medium brown with a yellowish tone. Alkena Modeling Clay gets its color naturally from earth.
Children will need an adult's assistance to make this clay pliable as it is very stiff in its normal state. We thus recommend this clay for older children and adults. Alkena Clay is a great clay for people who have a passion for creating figures and structures out of clay. The clay when hardened, can be carved with tools. Cracks can be seamlessly smoothed by the warmth of your hands due to the beeswax content. You can reuse the clay after it has hardened by working it with your hands.
3 - 99 years 
cardboard box 14.5 x 7.5 x 2 cm (contains 1 block of clay)
clay block 200g (0.5 lb)

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