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Our Company

Baby NaturopathicsTM was founded on the ideals of Kimberley Dare, ND, a registered Naturopathic Doctor and mother of three young children. With the help and support of her family, Dr. Dare was able to fulfill a long-held dream: the creation of a progressive and environmentally conscious company that promotes natural and healthful products for infants and kids.

In her Naturopathic practice in Hamilton, Dr. Dare routinely informs her patients about the toxicity of everyday items. Through the informative health articles published on this site, Dr. Dare hopes to raise awareness of the toxic chemicals that people are exposed to on a daily basis.

In line with the principles espoused by Dr. Dare, Baby Naturopathics Inc. carries only clothing and skin care products that are free of carcinogenic additives and other toxins. We've also selected toys made of natural materials that are free from harmful dyes and chemicals such as phthalates. We stand behind all our products.

Therefore, we've been very particular when creating or choosing the items we sell. When deciding what products we want to carry, our criteria are:

  • The item must be natural and free of as many toxic chemicals as possible.
  • The item must be created by workers who are paid a fair wage and have reasonable working hours. Child labour is a definite no-no.
  • The item be made of sustainable materials in a manner that is environmentally responsible.

Our Clothing

Baby Naturopathics, our own line of 100% certified organic cotton embroidered infant clothes, for example, is wholly made under the watchful eye of SKAL International, an internationally recognized body based in the Netherlands that inspects organic production methods. We did this so that the entire garment is SKAL certified, and not just the cotton fabric.

Not all natural clothing is created equal. Be careful of cotton that is described as "undyed", "untreated", "natural" or "green" cotton. These labels are sometimes used to market conventional cotton. To ensure that you are buying an organic cotton product, look for "certified organic" cotton. Certified organic cotton has been inspected by a well-recognized third-party certifier such as Demeter International, Agreco, Skal International, and the Soil Association.

In addition, look for "100% organic cotton". "Organic cotton" or "made with organic cotton" is not necessarily the same as "100% organic cotton". For example, an outfit that is made with SKAL certified organic cotton from one country, and then further processed in another country can no longer be considered SKAL certified as SKAL inspects the whole production process. Thus, you should choose a garment that is SKAL certified, rather than a garment simply made of SKAL certified organic cotton. This is an important distinction as the integrity of organic cotton fabric can be weakened by adding embellishments that have not undergone SKAL inspection. Examples of such alterations include nickel fastenings which may cause skin irritation, and iron-on transfers and that may contain ingredients like phthalates.

For our baby clothing and accessories, we've chosen organic dyes, which are kinder to your health and that of the environment than conventional AZO dyes. AZO dyes contain toxic chemicals such as chlorine bleach and heavy metals. They also do not biodegrade easily and some dyes are cancer causing.

Our clothing and accessories are made in India. We've personally inspected the production facilities, so we can attest to the fact that our apparel is sweatshop free (SKAL also sets out criteria for working conditions).

Our Toys

Our company offers toys from European brands HABA, Selecta Spielzeug and Kathe Kruse. These companies are known for creating attractive and well-designed toys made of natural materials such as wool, leather, fabric and wood. Unlike their battery-operated plastic counterparts, these toys are durable and can be played with in multiple ways.

Most battery-operated toys engage the child as a passive participant (or even more simply as an observer), rather than as an active participant in play. Natural toys, in contrast, encourage your child to explore, experiment and invent rather than simply push buttons. As a result, these toys are likely to be played longer, and because they are so charming and well-made, they are likely to be passed on later to younger children.

Natural toys are often found in Montessori, Reggio Emilia, and Waldorf schools as they foster creativity in children as well as an appreciation of nature.

Our Skin Care Products

Along with 100% certified organic cotton clothes and natural toys, we also carry baby lotions, soaps, oils and creams by Neal's Yard Remedies of Great Britain. Their skin care products are made with natural ingredients with no synthetic fragrances and other dubious ingredients that can cause skin irritation or even long-term effects.

A newborn's skin is much more delicate than an adult's - it is actually five times thinner. Moreover, the hydrolipid film (a protective oily/watery layer covering the skin's surface) is still developing in babies. These, along with other physiological factors, make an infant more vulnerable to harmful substances found in many skin care products. Thus, choosing the right skin care product for your child is of vital importance.

Baby Naturopathics Inc. is based in Hamilton, Ontario, Canada.

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