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Olli Olbot Bua Hippo Comforter With Hot and Cold Packs

Olli Olbot Bua Hippo Comforter With Hot and Cold Packs
SKU: OO35069
A conventional hot water bottle or this soft goofy Bua Hippo? No contest! More details...
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Product Details
A colorful bandage can magically take the hurt away. Olli Olbot Bua soft animals work using the same principle. Your child will be asking for his Bua Hippo whenever he gets a boo-boo.
Bua Hippo comes with a cold and hot pack. Insert a pack into the Hippo and then position the toy over the bruise or bump. Olli Olbot buas can be used even on babies, but adult supervision is required when the hot pack is used. Note: do not place packs directly onto your baby's skin.
To activate the warm pack, fold the metal disc inside the pack. The pack will stay warm for about an hour depending on the surrounding weather conditions. The hot pack will become hard, so to use it again, submerge the pack in boiling water for about 8 minutes until the pack is completely soft again.
Newborns and up
15 cm (6 in.)

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