Safety Information For Kathe Kruse Toys

The Fisher Price and Thomas the Tank Engine Wooden Train toy recalls have led many of us to re-examine the issue of toy safety. In light of these recalls, we felt we had to address this issue in reference to the toys we carry.

The recalled toys were made in Chinese factories. Kathe Kruse (Kaethe Kruse Puppen) toys are handcrafted in Europe. Kathe Kruse is one of the few European toymakers today that still wholly make their products in Europe.

Kathe Kruse toys also comply with the following safety standards:

We also carry a wide range of Kathe Kruse organic toys. Those toys are certified organic by German authorities. The certifications are: kbA (cotton) and kbT (wool). This means that the cotton is free from pesticides as well as the residues of a number of other toxic additives involved in the production and processing of the toy. The wool comes from controlled organic livestock. That means feed, living conditions, parasite control etc. are all regulated.

In the unlikely event of a recall, we will immediately contact those of you who have bought the affected toys and give you information about how and where you should return the toy.

If you have any questions or concerns, please contact us using our webmail form.