Haba Toys Safety Information

In light of the recent toy scares involving Fisher Price toddler toys and Thomas the Tank Engine wooden trains and accessories, we thought our visitors would like to know more about the products we carry. We've double-checked our inventory and confirmed that the Haba wooden toys we currently carry are all made in Germany with the exception of two magnetic puzzles (noted below). However, we've found that Haba soft toys are made in China. Some Haba games are also made in China, as well as their Master Builder wooden series. We currently carry two wooden toys that are made in China. They are: Indian Summer Magnetic Puzzle and Magnetic Puzzle Construction Site.

As the recalled Fisher Price and Thomas toys were made in China, we felt we had to address this issue. We want to reassure you about the safety of Haba toys. Haba toys comply with German, European and American toy safety standards. Those standards are:

Thomas wooden trains and Fisher Price toys were recalled due to lead-based paints. Haba wooden toys are decorated with non-toxic, water-based paints. We contacted HABA, and this is what they had to say: "We use a non toxic water based stain that is safe enough to eat."

HABA soft toys are made in China under direct supervision of HABA Germany personnel. Factories are audited "to ensure who is making our [HABA's] product, what is going into our product and quality control. If there is any wooden part to these cloth items, it is made in Germany at the Haba factory."

While we hope to reassure about the safety of our toys, if we are ever informed of any type of recall by our suppliers, we will immediately contact those of you who have bought the affected toys and give you information about how and where you should return the toy.

If you have any questions or concerns, please contact us using our webmail form.